This Is The End…

I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday!  Just to let you know that I will be closing down this blog and the other Room 22 accounts in the next week.  So if there is anything you want from your accounts you need to let me know or it may just be deleted!!

Enjoy your holiday – it is very well deserved! 🙂

Miss S.

Pikelet Recipes

Here is the pikelet recipe that we made in class today to celebrate Kiwi culture…


2 cups flour

1/3 cup sugar

1 cup milk or soy milk

1 tablespoon butter or margarine

To Make:

* Heat up the fry pan to a low – medium heat.

* Cream the butter and sugar together (mash it!)

* Add flour and sugar to the butter/sugar mix.

* Slowly pour in the milk and keep mixing.

* Put a little bit of marg in the pan.

* Spoon bits of pikelets into the pan.  When you see the bubbles in the pikelet mix it is ready to flip.

* Keep an eye on it and then take them out of the pan.

If you want to eat them straight away you can – otherwise heat up the oven to a low heat and put them on a plate to eat when you are done! Yum!

Things On Next Week

Woah it’s going to be a MEGA week!

So, to keep you on track, here are all the things you need to remember!


* Bring a cake or some biscuits etc to sell for camp fundraising.

* Bring your mufti clothes for the services to school outing (if you are going).

* Yr 5/6 Disco Night.


* End of Year Awards Assembly – 9.15am in Auditorium.

* Swimming gala – 11am start at the pool.


* Senior Assembly

* Last class swim for the year.

* Meet your 2009 teacher and class.

That’s all for now but i’m sure there will be more.  It will be a VERY busy end to your fantastic year as Year 5s!

Swimming Gala & Cultural Lunch

Swimming Gala has been set for NEXT Tuesday at the same time – come along and cheer us on as we take on the other Yr 5 houses and classes!  Who will win the T-Shirt relay or the highly prestigous Freestyle Relay?!


Don’t forget that this FRIDAY – 12th December – Is our Cultural Shared Lunch.  Bring along something to share with the class from your culture.  Yummy! 🙂