Blogging Rules

Students Online Work Agreement

* Be safe
* Be mindful of what you say
* Be respectful to others
* Be informative
* Be interesting

When we write on the web the whole world can see it. What we say, the pictures we post, or the
videos we share give anyone who reads it a good or bad view of me. Anything we share can be
saved and viewed by others forever.
Because of all of this, we need to make sure that the impression we give to others who read our work
is a good one, and we promise that:

* Our writing will be a true description of places, events, people, or our thoughts or feelings.

* We will treat people who read and reply to our work kindly, even if we disagree with what they

* We will never share personal information about ourselves, such as our name, photo, age,
address, my parents’ names, etc.

*We will not use bad language, pictures, or videos.

We know that we are the only people who is responsible for the things written or included in our
online work. We will do our best to make sure it is all correct and appropriate, including keeping track
of the comments we receive.

If anything is posted that is inappropriate, offensive, or dangerous, we
will notify our teacher as quickly as possible. We will also take full responsibility for any good or bad

11 thoughts on “Blogging Rules

  1. Hi fellow bloggers,
    our class blogs too. Care to join us? We will comment on your posts if you contact us.
    Mr WOody
    [Room5ians Rule]

  2. Hi Guys
    I am in MR Woodys class. Our class will be so happy to see that you have been to our blog.
    What year in school are you guys???

  3. Yay for blogfriends! We are delighted to have made contact with other great bloggers like yourselves.
    Please feel free to pose questions or challenges for us. Maybe we could do shared art or have a movie making challenge?

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  10. We’ve started our blogging challenge for 2009 and are eager to learn some important skills. Thanks for these great pointers and we’ll be shaping up our class profile with your ideas. I’ll be suggestoing some students visit. Thanks.

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